Standard Warranty Info

Standard Warranty Info

WinBop Standard Replacement Warranty

Each appliance we sell is covered by the Standard Replacement Warranty for 7 days unless otherwise disclosed at the time of purchase. The warranty period begins on date of purchase. 

In case of malfunction this Warranty covers the following options at the full discretion of WinBop Appliances:

  1. Service (Parts and Labor)

  2. Replacement (same or similar product and same or lesser value)

If a malfunction occurs, the consumer must notify WinBop Appliances before the end of the warranty period. Warranty does not include transportation of the equipment. The consumer must return the appliance to WinBop Appliances for service or replacement before the end of the warranty period. Damage, misuse, disassembling the appliance and improper transport after the sale voids this warranty. Writing negative online reviews (google or otherwise) or making negative comments about WinBop Appliance Co publicly for one or more people to see or hear shall be deemed breach of contract and voids all warranties expressed or implied.