Q: Where do the appliances come from? 

A: All of our appliances come from national lease contracts, government contracts, Open Box/Damaged Box merchandise from national retailers and National retailer scratch and dent/returns. We also Buy Clean Working Appliances from our customers. 

Q: Do the appliances have a manufacturer warranty?

A: The manufacturers warranty will not be valid on any appliance unless otherwise suggested by the manufacturer when registering the product

Q: Do I have to buy Hoses for the washer/cord for the dryer?

A: WinBop will supply for any laundry equipment we sell: water and drain hoses for washers and up to 4ft of vent hose as well as 3 or 4 prong cords for dryers. All products are previously used. 

Q: Does WinBop take trade ins?

A: Yes but only certain appliances will be accepted. Text pics of your appliance to 918-376-0824 for a cash quote. We will buy from you even if you don't buy from us.

Q: Will the delivery driver haul off my old appliances for free?

A: Yes. Please let us know before we arrive if you need appliances hauled away.


Problem - Cause - Solution

P: My Dryer takes several cycles to dry. Seems warm inside but not drying in one cycle.

C: This is likely a venting issue. The 4inch vent that exhausts the dryer to the outside of the home may be clogged. 

S: You can hire a duct cleaning company or purchase the "Lint Eater" tool from most home improvement stores.